Mozambique’s Yaba Buluku Boys Score 4 Slots On AFRIMA 2021 Nominees Scorecard.

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Africa

Ahead of the annual star-studded show, newly formed Mozambican group, Yaba Buluku Boys have been shortlisted for four high-ranking awards from Africa’s most prestigious award coalition, The International Committee of All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), following the success of their cross-cultural hit song ‘Yaba Buluku’ (Remix) featuring Grammy winner, Burna Boy.

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In the officially released nominee scorecard that featured a total of 400 nominations in the 30 continental and 10 regional categories, DJ Tàrico’s ‘Yaba Buluku’ (Remix) was not hard to miss. The Amapiano megalith effortlessly found its way into some of the finest categories on offer: ‘’Song of the Year’’, ‘’Best African Collaboration’’, ‘’Best Male Artist in Southern Africa’’ and ‘’Best Artist, Duo or Group in African Electronic Music’’, perfect for a song of its caliber.


This is what the song’s mastermind, DJ Tàrico had to say following the scorecard’s release: ‘’Been nominated for the first time in 5 categories with a single track from my studio in Maputo gives me a big motivation to take African music to the world, represent my culture and introduce more talent from Mozambique to the world. Big thanks to the man with the Geobek Standard vision, Mr. George Beke and big thanks to Burna Boy, Preck & Nelson Tivane we finally made the world dance during a pandemic’’.

‘’It’s been a great pleasure to see people across the world singing and dancing to the song I wrote with Burna Boy but getting a recognition is a whole new level I am grateful for. I can’t wait to celebrate this win with my country and my team, thanks to Burna Boy, DJ Tàrico and Geobek for the opportunity’’, shares Nelson Tivane.

Preck also added ‘’Big thanks to my brothers, DJ Tárico and Nelson Tivane for putting me on this collaboration. We made a smash hit for the culture of Africa with Burna Boy. I feel proud to be a musician from Mozambique to the world. This recognition is a great motivation for more wins’’.

2021 continues to be a satisfactory year for the now world-famous trio and with one of the continent’s honorable awards on to their name, a sweeping win for ‘Yaba Buluku’ (Remix) come November 19-21 would be the cherry atop the group’s thrilling run.