Eva Maria Highlights Abuse Against Women On Latest Single ‘Enough’.

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Music

Singer-songwriter, Eva Maria premieres first official single of the year, titled ‘Enough’, on an Instagram live listening session with J Foley, exclusive on Aftown Music.

Listen/stream ‘Enough’ here:

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In an exclusive interview with Eva Maria, this is what she had to say about her new single. ‘’I am very proud of this song, this is the first I have written without having to tap into my feelings. I am an emotional writer, so this was different for me. I looked at what was happening in our society and I wrote a song about it’’.


Produced by Deelaw Beatz, ‘Enough‘, is an up-tempo Afrobeat fusion song which addresses the social issue of domestic violence. ‘’I noticed on social media that there were a lot of women being killed by their spouses or partners. Why should that happen? Love is not meant to be that way, you can’t say you love someone and then hurt them’’.

‘’This trend is sickening because most of these gruesome events could have been avoided if the victims had just walked out of the abusive relationships they found themselves in. This inspired me to write my new single ‘Enough’, an expression of one’s freedom from any toxic relationship. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship for whatever reason there may be. I hope that ‘Enough’ will be an anthem for people, especially women around the world, going through any form of domestic violence to break free from abusive relationships and find strength and love in themselves’’, she adds.

Eva Maria doubles as a certified digital marketer and brand influencer for Aftown Music.

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