Nana A.J’s ‘’Train Of Thought’’ EP Is A Fleeting Express Worth Boarding.

by | Aug 14, 2021 | Music

Berlin-based Ghanaian rap artist and producer, Nana A.J returns with perfect composure on his new extended play, diffusing his rarefied style and production reach over a bed of five songs, starring pre-released single ‘Bigger’ and guest artist, Aylie.

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‘’Train of Thought’’ goes beyond face value and settles in as a double entendre meant to zoom fans through Nana A.J’s frame of mind when he is aboard the subway: ‘’This EP represents my thought process when on the subway, which is where I wrote most of these songs’’, he shares. ‘’I wanted to capture some day-to-day emotions and associated mental states in one of my favorite places to shed them. All five songs as a result are ultimate reflections of some of these personal moments and I am excited to share the experience with everybody’’, he added.


‘Never Quit’ gets the show going with an introductory conversation at a train station meant to establish one of the EP’s core tenets: to not give up on our dreams and ambitions despite life’s distressing lows, because God reigns supreme; a theme that timely forebodes the next song, ‘Blessed’. Addressing societal and racial issues, ‘Blessed’ is all for empowerment and intent on upscaling unapologetic confidence of self among people deemed ‘’worthless’’ by society’s standards. It features talented young German singer, Aylie, whose vocals give the song a complete feel and sweet touch.

‘Bigger’ rolls in next, being the only familiar song of the bunch. Its engrossing feel and balmy air reinforces Nana A.J’s graceful embrace of steady growth which has seen him get bigger and better in time.

Then there is ‘On My Way’, a groovy Dancehall-infused song that signals everyone about Nana A.J’s impending success, before his things get to a smooth halt on the EP’s final song, ‘Slow Down’. The latter emphasizes on the need to take a day at a time, focusing on the bigger picture only and above all, never-ending trust in God, because at the end of it all, stress yields nothing, but patience in God’s blessings.

Aside Nana A.J handling the mixing and mastering aspects of the entire project, it boasts of contributions from the likes of Waveyy Beats, Cobra, Z3na, Ransom Beatz and Juwonmix, all of whom give it much polish and make help it the perfect guide for your week-long commute.

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