All You Need To Know About Clean Water Initiative by Schools Support Project.

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Clean Water Initiative, SSP

The Clean Water Initiative by under the Schools Support Project is a commendable intervention aimed at providing deprived and remote villages with clean water for all domestic activities, including drinking. The project recognizes the challenges faced by these villages, which rely on seasonal streams and animal-shared dams as their water sources. This situation poses significant health risks associated with consuming water from unsafe sources.

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To address these issues, the project has outlined several plans:

1. Serving households in the villages with gallons of water twice every week: This initiative ensures that the villages receive a regular supply of clean water to meet their basic needs.

2. Supplying every household with filter buckets: Filter buckets are effective tools for purifying water and making it safe for consumption. By providing these buckets to each household, the project aims to improve water quality at the point of use.

3. Drilling a standard borehole for each village: Boreholes offer a reliable and sustainable source of clean water. The project aims to drill a standard borehole in each village to ensure a long-term solution to the water scarcity problem.

4. Organizing clean water workshops in villages and schools: Education plays a crucial role in promoting good hygiene practices and maintaining clean water sources. By conducting workshops, the project aims to raise awareness among community members and students about the importance of clean water and provide them with practical knowledge on how to keep their water sources clean at all times.

The initial phase of the Clean Water Initiative targets villages like Gborkope, Kpokpornu, Anthonykope, Fulanikope, and Avlime in the North Tongu district of the Volta region in Ghana. The project aims to expand its reach to serve a minimum of 100 villages by the end of 2030.

The Schools Support Project welcomes potential partners to join them on this humanitarian journey to save lives. You can connect with them on Facebook at “Schools Support Project” and on Twitter and Instagram at “@SSPGhana”. Partnering with this initiative will contribute significantly to improving the living conditions and health of communities in deprived and remote villages.