Bevdae Bwoy And Wadi Do Connect For New EP ‘’The Cocktail Tape’’.

by | Aug 7, 2021 | Music

EP’s have in time become the perfect canvas for artists to test the waters, explore new sub-genres or simply win new fans over on their way to the top.

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There’s probably an extended play (EP) released every now and then; ‘’The Cocktail Tape’’ being one of the latest in class. It comes off as a collaboration between Triple F Nation and BushBoy. Both artists finesse the project, amid some riveting productions from TrapVibes, Gadzisberg Beats, Dylan and the legendary, Kemenya.

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There’s a lot to take home from the Afrobeat record and its stream of passion, ‘Mane Kum’ (I Miss You) being one of them. It crowns the duo’s restlessness on nights when they miss their one and only, served on a plate of sensual lyrics. ‘I Got You’ comes in as yet another fleeting love song, but graced by a tender hook that resounds: ‘’I’ma do anything for you’’, next to a booming rap verse done in style.‘3tes3n’ doesn’t deviate from the above either, easing fans into the passion yet to come with Wadi Do singing: ‘’3tis3n? Just wan share with you/Something on my mind, just for me and you’’.


‘My Woman’ and other songs rest on the record as well, shoring up ‘’The Cocktail Tape’’ with an experience you dare not miss out on.

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