Made In Ghana, Ready For The World: Luxury Lip Brand, MSBeauty Is Making A Mark.

by | Aug 6, 2021 | News

Ghanaian entrepreneur, Maame Serwaah, is on course to change all trends in the beauty industry with her made in Ghana luxury lip brand called, MSBeauty.

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MSBeauty, which was commissioned in just February 2021 has enjoyed enormous success within just three months of its existence – earning glowing reviews from clients and tastemakers so far.

Inspired by global entrepreneurs such as Braelyn Greenfield, Kylie Jenner and drawing from her passion for quality cosmetics, the founder of MSBeauty created the brand out of necessity following her frustrations with existing lip brands which she felt in her opinion were not exactly tailored for the African market.


‘’In 5-6 years, I see MSBeauty as one of the top beauty lines in the world – across Ghana, Africa and worldwide. I see my business growing and expanding in distributing other cosmetic products not just lip glosses and lipsticks’’, Maame Serwaah on where she sees the future of her business.

MSBeauty is here and ready for work. Explore their impressive catalog here: and send a message via to make a purchase with #ELITEPR for a discount.

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