Schools Support Project: We are selling OSMO Mobile 3 Combo for charity

by | Jul 27, 2021 | SSP

Schools Support Project, Jonilar writes: I bought this amazing gadget in 2019 from Telefonika, Accra mall when I was learning how to do videos with my mobile phone, iPhone 8plus at the time. In 2020, a friend gifted me Samsung s10plus which has more stable video quality.

My current phone also has that unique feature so I no longer use this that much. It is in a very good shape with 99% battery life – absolutely no fault.

Yesterday’s outreach 

We need more exercise books etc for the ongoing #SchoolsSupportProject so I’m putting this out for sale at only 7,00 Ghana cedis. Your payment goes straight into our charity project.

About Osmo Mobile 3 Combo | 🎥: DJI

It is currently with me here in the field so if you’re in Accra or any part of the country, you can only get on Friday afternoon. Thanks 🙏

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