“Beyond The Return” Will Be Bigger Than The “Year Of Return” – Kofi Daeshaun.

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Music

Year 2019 will go down in history as one of the most vibrant years in the books of GHANA per the “Year Of Return” initiative by Government.

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Kofi Daeshaun, US-based Ghanaian Afrobeats Singer who has monitored last year’s event is very optimistic that “Beyond The Return” initiative will rather be a mega one after the “Year Of Return”.

“The year of return is the greatest pan African idea. I have at least 5 African American co-workers who visited Ghana last year. They intend to keep coming. Beyond The Return should be an annual affair. Believe me, the numbers will increase exponentially if promoted by the GTA. Hotels and especially Airbnb guys in Ghana have to have ideas on how to guide the visitors to the right places whilst in Ghana for maximum impact. They also have to advertise correctly and not be tempted to over embellish”, says Kofi Daeshaun.

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“Year Of Return” saw a huge influx of Ghanaians living abroad and other nationals from the diaspora — from Caribbean to Black American, American and other African indigenes — thronging GHANA to witness various activities laced with it. The idea of the “Year Of Return” was born out of the 400 year milestone of African Slavery.

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About Kofi Daeshaun:
Kofi Daeshaun was born in Ghana and currently lives in Woodbridge, Virginia after having lived for over a decade in Brooklyn, New York. Kofi Daeshaun started writing songs at age 13 and has eight studio albums and an EP to his credit.

As a war veteran of the US Army, Kofi Daeshaun addresses various topics in his music. He is also a multi-genre artist and is equally effective whether it’s pop, rap, hip-hop, Afrobeats or high-life music. Google search “Kofi Daeshaun” to get familiar with his unique talent. He also has over 40 official music videos on YouTube.
“Afrobeats 2” is Kofi Daeshaun’s latest album released on January 1, 2020. The Afrobeats 2 album has been applauded as a creative and highly melodic offering with all 12 songs radio ready. The Prince of Pan-Africanism, Dr Umar Ifantunde Johnson, calls the album “good music”.

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