Chalé Socks launches first collab with Panafrica shoes

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Tourism

Ghanaian socks brand, Chalé Socks, has collaborated with Paris-based shoe brand, Panafrica, to launch 5 new funky fun sock designs. Founded in 2015 by designer Kurtis Kudjo, Chalé Socks has been giving an edge to fashion lovers with authentic, vibrant designs inspired by Adinkra, Kente and Afrocentric styles since it launched.

The collaboration brewed between Accra & Paris seeks to create a moment between Chalé Socks and Panafrica shoes, which are inspired by traditional Adinkra symbols and exceptional African tribal prints.

One-of-a-kind dynamism, vibrant colours and unique products have collided to become the spirit of these socks. Fill up with positive energy and discover the patterns, symbols and stories that reflect the essence of African style today. The designs come in both men’s and women’s sizes and are a must-have for everyone who believes in African creativity.

OneChale: Socks for a Cause

For every pair of socks purchased, Chalé Socks gives back a pair of uniquely-designed multipurpose sandals.  We’re on a mission to put Chale Socks on the feet of men and women around the world who believe in our vision that no child should have to walk barefoot.

OneChale will officially launch in 2020.

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