Mr Ringorr Bounces Back After 20-year Hiatus With New Song And Video ‘Hotspot Girl’.

by | Sep 29, 2019 | Music, Videos

Mr Ringorr has premiered his long-awaited single and video for ‘Hotspot Girl’. The song has elements of Dancehall and Afrobeat, thanks to producer, Jay Dolph – it’s definitely a perfect blend for the dancefloor. Mr Ringorr finds an accommodating flow and uses the song as an opportunity to highlight a special lady. One that reminds him he is the real deal and a lady that he can’t keep his eyes off.

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‘Hotspot Girl’ comes as the maiden track from Ringorr after a long hiatus, as well as for Roc-Away Music Group which is bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and vigor, ready to take Ghana, Africa and the world by storm.

Picture a polar bear ruling the savannah – that’s the striking picture Joseph Sam, better known as Mr Ringorr aka Gals Dem Swingor, invokes with his seamless grasp on dancehall. Born and raised in Takoradi, a prominent town in the Western Region of Ghana, Ringorr’s range of music styles is truly diverse and unlimited, easily making him unique.

Ringorr first pursued his love for music professionally in 1998. Together with acts like Castro, Kofi Kinaata and Nero X, he put in his all. The young artist quickly realized, however, that disappointments and struggles were inevitable in that line of work. He found it imperative to travel to the nation’s capital, Accra, in hopes of a fresh start and better charm.

Mr Ringorr did find charm in Quata, an OG of the Ghanaian music scene. Quata ushered Ringorr onto his label, through which he met Rydym Boss, producer of hit song, ‘Mampi’. At a studio session one day, Ringorr and Rocky made acquaintance. Rocky had himself held his own in the music industry and so naturally became a source of mentorship for Mr Ringorr, who found Rocky to be blunt, in tune with reality, yet utterly friendly and kind.

In 2011, Rocky settled in the UK. Back home, Ringorr found himself faced with several struggles, so much that he took a hiatus from music for years. Like an acorn in the mossy earth, Ringorr lay underground silently, kept alive by passion, talent and hope. One day, the rains came in the form of a call from Rocky. He said, ”Ringorr, are you ready? We’re going to fly on a new journey; a musical journey”.

And thus, Roc-Away Music Group was born with Mr Ringorr as it’s premiere artist and Rocky as director. Enjoy the new track and music video from Mr Ringorr, be sure to leave your comments.


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