GUBA Foundation Partners The 3rd Edition Of Ghana Event Awards

by | Jul 24, 2019 | News

Another great organisation, GUBA FOUNDATION partners the 3rd edition of Ghana Event Awards – 2019 with expectations of making this year’s awards ceremony bigger and better.

GUBA Foundation is made up of a group of professional volunteers who run a non-profit organisation (Charity registration No: –1149303). It has been established to support the Ghanaian and African communities in the UK and abroad on issues around disabilities, health, educational attainment and the relief of poverty.

Its main aim is to provide support, training, guidance and to build awareness where there is a need for it within the Ghanaian and African communities.

GUBA Foundation’s current campaign is called ‘Autism; I am not a Stigma’.

The seed that birthed the vision for GUBA Foundation was sown whilst organising the GUBA Awards. They were recognising talent within the African community and realised that although there are many achievements to highlight, there are also many needs to address.

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