Here are 6 amazing photos from the Shai Osudoku Resource Reserve

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Tourism

I spent my Saturday at the Shai Osudoku Resource Reserve to have a better feel of the ecosystem. Even though even the rains came in heavily, I was able to grab some amazing shots for you our readers while we planning a return trip to the forest in few weeks when the wet season subsides.

Shai Osudoku District forms part of the sixteen Metropolis, municipalities and Districts in the Greater Accra Region. It is the largest district in the Greater Accra Region in terms of land size. It can be found in the Southeastern part of Ghana. 

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Here are 10 amazing photos from the Natural reserve that proves it is one of the best places to visit this summer alone, with your partner, group or family. I can also help you put an amazing vacation package together by just calling me via +233246106248. On social media, just search “Jonat Tours”.

  1. The Reception: A very clean veranda spacious enough to host more than 30 visitors at the same time. The environment is very neat with dustbins placed at vantage points to avoid people littering the environment. “No hee” in Ga- Adangbe means welcome!

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2. The Ostrich Park: The resource reserve currently has one giant ostrich and according to the tour guide they will be adding one more before the year ends. The bird is very friendly but just like any other animal, it can be dangerous when you don’t go at the right time.

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3. The Africa Zebra: The Park has 6 Zebras brought in from South Africa. You can only see them when you go at the right time; with the help of my iPhone I was able to capture them from a distance.

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4. Good road network: The network throughout the reserve is worth talking about. They are well laid so you don’t get missing in the forest and also help the guards be able to trace poachers from all angles. If you don’t have a good vehicle then it will be very difficult for you to ride through the forest when it rains.

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5. The rocks: These are beautiful rocks left behind after they stop a company from quarry. They are places appropriate for occasions like weddings, parties and yet a good location for videos as mention in the Highlights video.

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6. The caves: The forest a lot of caves, a place that served as court and social centres for dwellers over 200 years ago.

There are a lot of wild animals, birds etc but because of the rains we were not able to bring you but we promise that in our subsequent visits. Please watch the video, subscribe to the channel for more coming. Follow me on Twitter:@Jonilar and instagram:@iamJonilar

Other photos

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