KNCAS Annual Lecture Series & Festival: Celebrating Abiasuma King Tackie Tawiah

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Tourism

To all Gadangme kings,Queens,Wulɔmɛi ,agbaafoi/pastors /Politicians, children’s and all traditional leaders who wants to know more about their present  and past  day Gadanme culture .Gamɛi Ashikpɔŋŋ, Gamɛi  anɔni nohewɔ lɛ, miifɔ Gamɛi fɛɛɛ nine koni amɛba kase Nii kɛtsɔ Ga  kusumii he.We call on  all our Gadangme families in all our Ga towns from Ga ,Dangme  and Obutu and into all divisions  of the three principal parts of the Greater Accra Region mainly,Ga (Accra),Dangme (to the east and north), and

Obutu or Awutu to the (east),and all of the towns that made up of the Ga Traditional council.

Gbese,Asere,Abola,Otublohum,Sempe,Ngleshi,Akunmadzen,Ngleshie Alata,Osu,La,Teshie,Nungua,and Tema .Let all come in our numbers to make this event a memorable one and also learn about our Great  Gadangme king to know more about Gadangme history  during our Gadangme leadership memorial lectures .

Abiasuma King Tackie Tawiah l Memorial Lectures which will be chaired by one great Gadangme philanthropist Rev.Prof.Phillip Laryea .

Lets all come and learn something great about Abiasuma King  Tackie  Tawiah l and some brief history about Ga people.

First of all most Gadangme personalities do not know about our great Gadangme King .So who was KING TACKIE TAWIAH I?Most actually don’t know about him .Abiasuma King Tackie Tawiah l, was the Ga Mantse who reigned during the “Golden years” of Accra (1862-1902) and still acclaimed as the most illustrious, progressive and enterprising of all the Ga kings (Ayittey, 2006). It was he who was described by Dr A. Boi Quartey-Papafio, “as a fulcurm-figure in the modern history of the Ga-Dangme” and a stalwart whose reign saw the establishment of Accra as the capital of Ghana in 1877.

His era saw countless skilled young artisans, including Tetteh Quarshie who later brought viable COCOA into the Gold Coast after the Dutch and the Swiss. His reign also witnessed the translation of the Bible into Ga in 1865. He was not only development- oriented, but also a leader who identified himself with his people. we know most of the present day Ga people don’t know more about the past  Ga culture which is destroying our heritage as one Gadangme people.

Most Gadangme’s also knows Biblically about the the diluting of our precious Gadangme language in which we think by teachings and learning of the Gadangme history most of our unborn generations will also learn about it when publications are made available for them by penning down our precious Gadangme history.

(Ga-Dangme).Ga-Kpone, Ga-Tema, Ga-Nungua, Ga-Teshie, Ga-La, Ga-Osu, Ga-Mashie and Dannmge-Gbugbla, Dagme-Ningo, Dangme-Ada, Dangme-Osudoku, Dangme-Shai (Se), Dangme-Klo, and Dangme-Kasunya (Tetima) for all your warmly       invitations because one “Marcus Garvey ” said that a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”

and the  history of any group of people is as important as anything very dear to them.

It is that compiled narrations and records  which answers many basic questions about their existence and experiences.

But I’m yet to find one piece of history without any discrepancies. Because history is the aggregate of events, its understanding and underpinnings may not be viewed the same way by all.Yet every group of people have some cardinal points around which they find a commonality in their history, which almost everyone finds something to identify with.And out of that frequent repetition of acts by way of life, their customs are established.Societies expresses all these in one form or another in their cultures.Some significant landmarks of history are earmarked and given befitting celebration year after year in the name of festival.

And by so doing, history, custom and culture comes together for indigenous people. Now this is the case our history is in multiple versions, each sticking to what tickles his fancy. Some aspects of our history which has everything to do with leadership and succession, are the most disputed.This has affected the understanding of our own cultural practices. Because each and every narrative justifies one action against the other. This has led to clamour, claims and counter claims, clans and gates fighting over legitimacy and rights especially during homowo celebrations .

No compromises whatsoever, no time to find a common ground for the sake of the Gadangme State.We have been divided along the choice of personalities and not adhering to the dictates of our customs as enshrined by our forebears, yet we shamelessly beat our chests with pride, as what? Are we going to continue in our shame of “doubles” and sacrilegious activities and behaviours to feed our aggrandised egos till when?All well meaning Gadangmes must be asking legitimate questions about the state in which we find ourselves today, because it is not well.This day will be a day of celebrating our great Gadanme hero Abiasuma King Tackie Tawiah l who reigned from the year 1862 -1902.

With great Gadanme Rev.Prof.Phillip Laryea which will be coming off on the 9th of August 2019 at the ACCRA sports stadium at 9:00 am sharp .

This program is powered by the Kwabena Nketia centre for Africans studies and The Gadangme council .

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Credit: Ga Adafitswaaa Wolo