Watch The Stunning Visuals For Ian Jazzi & Efya’s ‘AnkhAsa’.

by | Jul 13, 2019 | Africa

The long awaited video for ‘AnkhAsa’ is finally out and we are blown away by its visuals. The video opens up with Ian Jazzi and Efya in a hotel room. She eventually sits up on the bed and begins slaying the song, while coming off sexy as always in what seemed to be a Japanese kimono.

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Ian Jazzi and Efya look so cute and adorable together in some scenes of the video; like the pool scene and it had us thinking for a minute if they are indeed a couple to be (cough)… Still on the topic of scenes, there is another which fans feel is pretty similar to Rihanna and Drake’s ‘Work’ video. Nice. Nevertheless, our favorite scene was definitely the kitchen scene where Ian was effortlessly flowing with some models in the background.

What we found quite unexpected about the entire song and video was its third verse. In the video, Ian Jazzi and Efya are parked in a dark alley way as the beat switches from Afrobeat to Trap and Ian drops some mad flows… We can’t wait for you guys to check the piece out and give us your views on the third act.

Check it out below and kindly leave us a comment.

Watch video here: