Reenart World: The New Standard For Weddings And Corporate Events.

by | Jun 19, 2019 | News

”I once chanced on the funeral book of an aged woman who had gone to be with the Lord. The only photograph of her in the book was actually of her and some other friends while they were still in middle school”, expresses Lucy Baagyei-Danso.

Reenart World

Only a few decades ago, one would trade and arm and a leg to have a photograph taken of oneself but now, the story is very much different. Trends have changed and they keep evolving. Gradually, we have moved away from single and occasional photography to collages, videos and more importantly, lasting memories. Weddings typically, used to be in the church setting; the couple said their vows and the priest preached and the deed was done. Years down the line, only a flicker of a memory would remain. And technology set in and the story has never remained the same.

Hospitality is fast gaining a lot of attention in our social space. Competition is rife among event planners and this has led to a great hike in the industry’s development. Every event planner wants to be known but only a few are able to dazzle and leave a lasting impression on their clients.

Weekends are packed with parties, weddings, baby and bridal showers and a host of corporate events but there is always one that lingers for so long. Reenart World is the new standard for corporate and social events and it can safely boast in its ability to leave you with impressions and images that last a life time. Reenart World is an event planning company and specializes in planning, coordinating and sourcing for vendors for weddings, parties, corporate events, product launches, children’s programmes, funerals and a lot more.

Only a year old but Reenart World has carved a niche for itself and secured ten loyal clients as a result of its exceptional showmanship and unquestionable delivery. Reenart is gradually warming itself to become the go-to planner for destination weddings and events that we only see in fairy tales and exclusive magazines.  Reenart’s services are fool proof and leave no room for any uncertainties. According to popular opinion, event companies demand exorbitant fees for the smallest of events but Reenart puts up A-class events for a very affordable token. Reenart believes that memories are so valuable that no price tag will be able to suffice.

For Reenart, money does not come to play because a client can still be wowed in spite of their budget. The team draws inspiration from clients’ satisfaction and are always eager to please and armed with an aim of becoming a reference point in the industry, Reenart has managed to cross the boundaries of this country have successfully put together astounding events in Nigeria in just a year of existence and has plans to cover the rest of the sub-region with its amazing services. Your events must be remembered forever and Reenart World with its superb vendors and photographers will make sure of that!


Reenart World events focuses on consulting, planning, vendor outsourcing and execution of all kinds of events such as wedding, baby/bridal shower, proposal planning, product launch, business meeting just to mention a few. Reenart World’s aim is to create a memorable but successful event that exceeds their clients’ expectations. They delight in one-client, one-event one-experience at a time. Reenart is here to bring your dream events to a reality at unbeatable prices without compromising quality as you’ll be sure to get your worth.

Reenart World events take care of the entire planning and co-ordination of your events, so why don’t you save yourself the hassle and stress by just send us an email: to poster for more information.