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Pay Video directors and Photographers to promote tourism – Sarkodie tells sector Minister.

One of Ghana’s most influential musicians, Sarkodie is calling on Honourable minister for Tourism, Madam Catherine Afeku to team up with video directors and professional photographers to promote the sector. He made this  call in a tweet on yesterday, 13th January,2019 in  saying “The tourism minister is working but still a lot more to do … Pay good video directors x photographers to give us dope beautiful shots of our blessed Country Ghana … We need to document these beauties to the world … A lot of content

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie in a convo with a guest at his traditional wedding

He also in a subsequent tweet suggested that other African artiste should do more to project the beauty of Africa to the rest of the world. He further asked if the continent can work on establishing its on media platform like the BBC and the CNN. “African artists including myself should do more to show our beautiful continent but how strong would it be if Africa had its own BBC x CNN (where the world takes our news) cos who gave them the right to have the final say???

Sarkodie’s call came just three weeks after Fuse ODG’s ‘Tina festival’ a week-long celebration of arts, music and tourism in Ghana.

Ghana’s tourism sector is one of the most promising sectors that needs capital injection to grow. Sarkodie in his little ways as Twi rapper with global audience has promoted tourism and calling for more support.

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