A Review of “Pieces of Peace” by Celly Chordz.


Eerm, Sigh!

First of all I am blessed to soak this body of work. This is my first time of listening to Celly Chordz and I am already a super fan.

It’s rare and evident in our country that, female artistes hardly drop a compiled studio efforts. And for an artiste of her status, it’s very necessary to applaud her because I can say she’s an independent artiste working out to give us the best.

With the meaning attached to the name of the LP which indicates that, each record is a PIECE on the album, written in her PEACEful moments— in her right state of mind. Hence “PIECES OF PEACE”. If I should deduce another angle of understanding to the LP after listening, I’ll say, she combined her unique musical versatilities(PIECES) into getting done the LP.

Attitude which compliments theme of each record was perfectly in place. “Lovey Dovey” got me someway because it was actually raining at my end before it was on play.

Another good element of the LP is, records are crafted to suit many genres and tempo of plays, so imagine a Drive Time Host want a cool mid tempo jam to kick start his show, he will definitely get a PIECE from Celly’s work to start and will get more than 4 songs which will also fall within his BPM moving forward till the end of the show.

So Celly sung, rapped and acted words with her voice on the LP. She picked sensitive and realistic themes to craft each song.

Celly touched on topics around. Relationship, Social Issues, Motivational vibes and more. Celly being multilingual is a plus because she’ll be appealing to almost all ethnicities in the nation.

She’s awesome and only marketing is expected of her team to push her. The LP’s sound quality and her vocal dexterity matches industrial standards.



Written by: Prince K. Afedo

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