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Most Viewed Sierra Leonean Music Videos .

Sierra Leone is one of the appreciable hotspot for African music. The country has for the past years given the continent some talented artistes and heavy bangers. 

Their music videos  has also seen a significant improvement over the years. 

However, according to a statistics released by Blogger and promoter,Mohammed Alim Conteh, the music industry is still pushing hard to get active YouTube users and that can be seen in the data provided. It took more than 5months for some videos to clock 100K and that could also be due to the fact that internet service is not strong as compared to their part of the continent like Ghana where internet speed is available but at a high price.

Sierra Leone is still a developing country and according various projections and UN report, the country will experience massive growth in the years to come and that will directly affect the entertainment industry as well. 

But notwithstanding the circumstance, the team at had arrived at a concrete solution that can help boost their YouTube viewership and digital marketing of their content in general. But the service is available at a cost. For further inquiries, kindly WhatsApp us on +233246106248 or send an email to 

It is also in our quest to make African music more visible to global community. 

Here are the statistics; 

“Here are the video views of our musicians on YouTube with the dates of published”

1. Shadow Boxxer ft D’Banj & Edriis – Confidential (2015) = 1.4M Views

2. Ark Man – Vanity (2016) = 970K Views

3. Emmerson ft Timaya – Sweet Palmwine (2013) = 693K Views

4. Famous – Sebeh (2009) = 517K Views

5. Famous – Throway (2014) = 513K Views

6. Shady Baby – Nor Go Tya (2011) = 508K Views

7. Mawings – Sen Am Go Dong (2016) = 500K Views

8. Emmerson – Woman Lappa (2007) = 491K Views

9. Bobby – Kpei (2013) = 477K Views

10. Ms Sarah ft Lady Kay – African Dance (2010) = 421K Views

11. Emmerson – Go Fen Am (2010) = 401K Views

12. Steady Bongo – Mama Saylah (2010) = 391K Views

13. LXG – Galadu (2016) = 371K Views

14. Emmerson – Tutu Party (2007) = 364K Views

15. Emmerson ft Pupa Banja – Borbor Pain (2009) = 355K Views

16. Famous – Korpor Don (2012) = 350K Views

17. LAJ – Tawa For You (2013) = 350K Views

18. LXG – Jombogbla (2016) = 346K Views

19. Shady Baby – Fuka Baimbay (2012) = 334K Views

20. Heyden Adama – Fit In Gbet (2011) = 312K Views

He also shine spotlight on a fresh blood coming up ; 

Note: “This is Sierra Leone” by Xzu-b is the fastest growing video on YouTube with 169K Views in less than two months.

His final recommendation; 

Please let minimize the sharing of songs on WhatsApp. Let add value to our musicians by viewing and liking their stuff on YouTube with a positive comments.

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