Polo Gee drops Kwesi Arthur diss track “Greedy Boys”


Polo Gee isn’t happy with  Kwesi Arthur at all and he decided to say it all in a new song. 

The song titled ‘Greedy Boys’ takes sound production from Josh.Polo Gee and Kwesi Arthur’s beef seemingly stems from delaying and refusing to feature on Polo Gee’s song.Polo Gee also the rapper claims his song is not a diss only, but also calls it a “fact track.” 

Polo Gee continued his explanation in a Facebook post that. “Some of our fellow new artistes when they see the light early, they tend to forget their peers they started with”.“Money was not gonna be a problem for the collaboration with Kwesi Arthur. All I was interested was we making a beautiful record that Ghanaians would enjoy”, he said.

Check out Polo Gee’s new song

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