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Check These New Pictures Of UK-Based Gospel Musician Sandy Adore.

Sandy Adore is set to release new songs in the days to come. And as a way of informing her loyal fans and the general music loving fraternity,she has released colourful pictures for commercial use. These images are therefore going represent her identity until she outdoor new ones.

Biography of Inspirational and Gospel musician,Sandra Adore.

Sandy Adore formerly known as “Sandra black” is a singer, song writer, a model,
humanitarian and above all a lover of God, Sandy is multi-talented and multi-
faceted and her sweet soothing voice has been a blessing to many who have
heard her sing. Her passion to be a blessing to humanity through diverse means is
birthed out of her deep love for God. She has a burning desire to give a helping
hand to the under privileged in the society and her foundation, sandy adore
Foundation, seeks to do just that.

The Foundation is set to provide clothing, shelter and other resources to deprived
communities and is well on track in the fulfilment of these objectives. The U.K.
based artiste is currently working on projects to release her next single titled [YOU
ARE GREAT] which will ultimately result in the release of further singles and

She quotes” music means different things to different people but my music is
inspired by my journey with God and my love for him”. On stage she is a joy to
behold and listen to. Sandy adore believes her best is yet to come and she is
relentless in the pursuit of her goals. She is determined to be a blessing to
humanity by using the gifts that God has blessed her with. Her greatest desire is
to fulfil every purpose and mandate over her life.

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