Mark Asari – Baby Yo (Prod. By Mark Asari)

by | Jun 17, 2017 | Music

Look, we honestly would wish we didn’t have to write much so you guys can just go straight to listening to this masterpiece, but then again, we need to get you ready for pure eargasm.
Take this as the foreplay ahead of the fuego thrill. First time we heard of Mark Asari was on a song with Eugy and Victizzle. Fast forward to 2017, the release of ”Fifty Shades Darker” had the London based Ghanaian singer/songwriter feature on ‘I Need A Good One’, one of the soundtracks for the movie. Yup! He is that good.

Anyway, so back to business. Mark Asari just dropped this super hot self-produced joint called, ‘Baby Yo’. The RnB song with an Afro-styled hook literally gets you hooked. Trust us if we tell you that you are going to put this song on infinite loop.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate his soothing voice and the vocals he laid on this joint? Homeboy is practically coming to win all these females; our girls, exes, baby mamas and our mamas all inclusive. He is about to render ever guy out there single.
I was going to talk about the killer adlibs and flawless production, but let me just end it here and go back to basking in this musical bliss. The long talk really no need chale!