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Meet Blisson:Ghanaian Musician On The Rise.

Blisson (Bright Blisson) is a Ghanaian Singerborn on the 26th of April, 1992in Lagos, Nigeria. Blisson is an Entrepreneur, the Chief Executive Officer of Blisson Multimedia. He had his education in Ghana – the Land of his both parents.
Seeing his father for the very first time at the age of four years in Ghana, his Italy based father had to travel back to Italy with his Mom after spending less than two months in Ghana,leaving him in the care of Samuel Oti (his mom’s friend) who raised and fathered him as a real father would do.
The Love and Passion for Music since his infancy, Blisson answered to his father when he was four years old that he would be a Musician in future when his father asked him the profession he desire.Struggling to make it in his life – a life of so much hardship, from being homeless to building his house of his choice and being a C.E.O/Entrepreneur, Blisson never lost his focus on pursuing his greatest passion to becoming one of Africa’s Greatest Musicians.
Blissonrecorded his first album in the year 2003 and in 2010 hit the radio with a single record “Wynd for Me”.

Duetosome financial constrains; Blisson decided to work hard on his own to make some money outside music to fully getinto the music scene to fulfill his dreams.

Facebook: BlissonGH
Instagram & Twitter: @BlissonGH

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