Kevin Grands Releases “Balance” EP

by | Mar 20, 2017 | News

It’s back to basics for Kevin Grands. His new offering in terms of a 3-track EP sees him rap over a truer boom-bap hip-hop sound as he attempts to ‘balance’ out all other types
of music he does.

I can’t run from that sound. At least not for too long. Sometimes I just wanna rap. Balance is pretty much me balancing out all the other types of music I do.
The Balance EP sees Kevin reach for introspect on “Pretty Hard” where he explores a list of things that have been pretty hard, whereas the title track “Balance” exhibits clever wordplay and flow switches every four bars. On “In Your Section”, which features collaborators Superprodusir & Poppa Don, Kevin made another record for the ladies.

All titles are produced by Kevin Grands himself, with assistance from Odie On The Track and Kim.


Listen to Balance EP by Kevin Grands