Sarkodie & Quata Will Score an ‘F’ in Fast Rap – FIMFIM

by | Mar 13, 2017 | News

The debate about who raps fastest in Ghana continues to drag on with the recent releases of Sarkodie’s “S.H.O.U.T” and Quata’s “Twist Lesson to Sark”.

One of Ghana’s respected Hip Hop act and producer FimFim has waded into the debate saying:
“Sustaining your breath and dropping lyrics continuously doesn’t mean you can twist”

He goes on to say Kochoko of the defunct Mobile Boys group and Gemini Orleans are better at it even to the extent if Sarkodie studies his (Quata) twist lessons, he will still score an ‘F’ which is fail.
Here is a screenshot of the post he wrote on Facebook:

That’s not all after listening to a recent release of his featuring Kwaw Kese titled ‘Donkomi’, the rapperman as he calls himself takes a dig at all those fake rappers who needed to be sold at a cheaper price in Ghanaian parlance termed Donkomi.

There is a mention of rappers claiming bossy inadvertently referring to Sarkodie. Funny enough Kwaw Kese’s verse on that song equally deserves a “Donkomi”.
Listen Here: