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Video: Nick Mayor – À La Mboma

Nick Mayor has an extraordinary energy and a creativity that spams over a large range of musical genres.

By mixing Afro Music with modern urban vibes and a personal twist, Nick Mayor brings the world a fresh and personal music project.

Nick Mayor is originally from Cameroon, now living in Belgium. He represents the new generation of African artists that is aiming the international market. The artist is dedicated to make dance floors around the world move to his catchy melodies and striking rhythm.

The new single ‘À La Mboma’ an Afro-Trap genre of music is a new hit single and most curiously a concept (Afrodab) innovated by Nick Mayor is a tribute to one of the Cameroonian football legends (Patrick Mboma) who had amazed the world with a tricky goal from a back flip-stunning shot against France in the Olympic games in the year 2000’s.

Nick thought it was high time to bring back that unforgettable memory in his own way, simply by idolizing the legend’s most wonderful action goal ever, in a sense of an inspirational message by which he proudly addresses his foemen with an unbeatable confidence to shock them with progress and success just like Patrick Mboma amazed but shook and shocked France soccer team and supporters with a tricky goal against them. Of course citing alongside other #237 football legends and rappers like Samuel Eto’o, Krotal etc in the song, Mayor simply expresses how much respect he has for these personalities and his motherland country.

Two months after the audio release with constant online and radio promo, SOUNDIT MUSIC decides to visualise the project by producing a ‘one of a kind’ music video directed by the one and only, CHAD WINSON from the U.K.

Hoping this masterpiece brings on a lot of positive energy and inspiration, we pray you like, comment and share to the world with nothing but love.

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