Worlasi ft Wanlov – Unlooking (Prod by Qube)

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Music

Almost a year after the release of his well acclaimed debut mixtape, “Nusԑ”, Worlasi is back with a remix of “Unlooking”.

The song happens to be one of the hit songs off the mixtape and guess who is on it, the sensational Wanlov da Kubolor of FOKN BOIS fame.

A throw back to the original song has Worlasi expressing how he is drawn to the natural features in a woman and that he prefers them without all the heavy make-up. The song right from the beginning puts you on your dancing feet and Wanlov on the remix is just awesome.

The song is produced by Worlasi himself and as usual, Qube did an incredible job with the mixing.

The remix is officially out today 2nd of September 2016, under Worlasi`s home label supremeRights and available for free downloads.