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Night of 1022 Laughs in Review, Lekzy Decomic in Focus

The auditorium lights were dimmed to increase focus on the stage. Foster Romanus, the host warmed up the already excited audience and ushered in the next performer. Everyone held their breath – skepticism showed on faces. It is a Ghanaian comedian coming up so quite a number of people buried their faces into their phones.

Tension built up, certainly not in the heart of the crowd who had paid to have a laugh, for they had nothing to worry about. It was their moment to relieve the stress.

So someone had to carry the cross. He walked onto the stage. The lights shone on his face and reflected beams of anxiety and uncertainties. He wasn’t as cheerful as we were. He was unfamiliar with the crowd. The Dome also knew him not. But the gentleman believed in love at first sight. He had come to show his love.

And just like a true lover is honest enough to confess his weakness to his crush, Lekzy DeComic commences by expressing disappointment in his own appearance. He is obviously a short man; in what is garnished with the term ‘vertically challenged’.  He begins his performance by literally making fun of his height. He strikes it little by little and hits the punchline.

The auditorium goes haywire. Everyone sits up. Its show time!

It was the first Saturday of August and the venue was the Accra International Conference Centre. The conference is nearly full to capacity. Top notch local and international comedians had already electrified the place. After Nigeria’s Kenny Black came Ghana’s OB, followed by Destalker. Lekzy now had his turn.

Born Emmanuel Nkansah Ansong, the 26 year old comedian registered himself as viable enough to beat the odds of the comedy show business. On a normal day, his hilarity breaks ribs, but at the Night of 1022 Laughs, dude was ready to break a leg.

20 minutes standing before a crowd numbering was enough time to write his name in the good books of the comedy industry.

Lekzy thrilled the audience with gags that cut across several spheres of life. He picked on musicians, and run satires on politicians. He made jokes out of the Ghanaian way of life in a way that was creative and amusing. In well calculated wits, he played around on a few sensitive tribalism scenarios.

He was interactive. His scenarios were relatable too. Every passing second of his performance got the crowd giggling. Like the grass emerges effortless, he sent the audience laughing their heads off uproariously.

What Lekzy did on Saturday Night of 6th August 2016 is what Ghanaians have yearned for, all their lives, and what every attendant of the show was entitled to. It was no wonder that he received a standing ovation from the audience, in what seemed like a rehearsed move to celebrate his talent. It was a sight to behold.

We probably found a straw to clutch in the dying moments, we can we got an anchor to keep the boat afloat. We found hope. Two years in the game and he has electrified the biggest gigs in town:  Comedy bar, Comedy Express, Comedy Shop, Remember Now Concert and the recent DKB Point of View. This particular show made an impressive climax.

The comedy show was headlined by Nigeria’s comedy guru, I Go Die alongside performances from, Acapella with live music from Ackah Blay, Adina, Kiddie and MzVee.


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