Video:Fimfim – Ohene


“Beyond the shores of the land that flows with abundant black gold, legend tells of an annual festival that seeks to find a lost treasure of immerse importance to its people… Each year the task is thrown to the able village men and comes with it will be a kingly reward,

Little did they know that there are a group of bandits lurking to snatch it upon discovery, but between their desires and the treasure is a young man of a thousand wits… Ignorant of the adventure that lies before him, he is faced with a quest that could change his destiny,


And that’s how Fimfim’s music video – OHENE which could easily pass for movie was opened. Mind blowing, thrilling, carefully thought through, beautiful music, sweet images… and I can go on and on about all the great things about the video.

Saying more will be taking the fun away.

You should check the video out now.

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