Ghana’s Most Beautiful Goes To Belgium

by | Jun 12, 2016 | News

Renowned Ghanaian International Fashion Designer Wusuwaah of Wusuwaah’s Diary introduces Ghana Most Beautiful to Belgium.

With more than four years of experience in the Fashion Industry, she realized it was important to give back to the Ghanaian community in Belgium, hence the creation of this simple but effective initiative with the aim by create more female role models who can serve as an ambassador for Ghana and Ghanaians living in Belgium.

About Ghana’s Most Beautiful Belgium

The 2016 Ghana’s Most Beautiful Belgium pageant™ is an established beauty pageant for women (age 18-28 years) of Ghanaian origin born/raised and based in Belgium.

With a vision to provide for and to empower Ghanaian young women in developing the confidence they need to achieve their personal best, the Pageant will enable contestants to shine a spotlight on Ghana through a fashion show and cultural performance, which will hereby educate and inform the world about the beauty of Africa.

Ghana’s Most Beautiful Belgium intend to bring young women together each year to represent Ghana, celebrate and promote African pride by inspiring each contestants to live their dreams, build self-esteem, and to strive endlessly.

To Contest you must be:

1. Between the ages of 18-28years of age.

2. Must have at least one Ghanaian parent.

3. Will be available in the month of September

If you would like to be part of Ghana’s Most Beautiful Belgium Season 1, please complete the forms below to submit your application to take part in GHMBBE and remember to take care in completing this application.

Deadline for the registration is 30/06/2016. Your entry will be judged on the quality of your answers as well as your photographs. You will also be required to agree to the competition terms and conditions.

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