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Introducing Ghanaian Artiste, AJ Da Hottest.

Introducing Ghanaian Artiste, AJ Da Hottest.


Introducing Ghanaian Artiste, AJ Da Hottest.

AJ Dahottest is a rapper-songwriter, DJ, and former radio personality originally from Ghana and born in Liberia, both West African countries.

AJ Da Hottest

His genre of music is Afropop influenced by hiphop owing to his love for Tupac Amaru Shakur. He aims to use his music to spread positive energy among youths of Africa and worldwide as a way of awakening them to realizing their power to create a better future for themselves.

AJ started as an underground performer in 2012 while working as a radio DJ in Ghana’s capital city of Accra. In the first quarter of 2014 however, he decided to focus more on his musical talents by coming out as a full blown rapper and songwriter.

On April 20, 2014 AJ released his first single online titled “You & I”. The track by the Ghanaian born artist featured ace Ghanaian musician Trigmatic and another young upcoming musician from Ghana by the name AKO. “You & I” according to AJ is an ode to strong women worldwide who are either standing firmly by their men or pushing through the storms of life on their own despite prevailing negatives to arrive at their respective destinations.

The rapper is responsible for the formation of TBF which stands for ‘Thug Boys Family’ and according to him it is what he calls those who believe in his style of music and his hustle. What he is hoping to achieve through TBF is to channel the positive energy that comes from his work and admiration for the struggling youth into hope for people everywhere who are wrongly labelled as losers or thugs. Members of TBF are also called Thugs With Attitude (TWA). TBF is very non violent and in fact very positively progressive and forward thinking.

The artist is working on his first album to be released very soon, the new album will have about 20 tracks and lots of surprises for his fans in Ghana, Liberia, the USA and worldwide. There will be a few persons featured on it but the album will be about his life’s story, struggles, fun times and how he celebrates his style of music with the fans he refers to as ‘Team AJ’ and ‘Thug Boys Family’ who are basically the reason he raps.

AJ released two songs (Tsi3yoo Mini Yaano & Baybeh) in the middle of the year 2015, a year later in early 2016 he released the music video for his single ‘Tsi3yoi Mini Yaano’ and has since been working to release two other singles in 2016 titled ‘Benkemormi’ and ‘Say No More’.

For now his doors are open to all forms of help and collaboration. Contact his publicist for more information via emailing

Find out more about the artiste AJ Dahottest and what is new with him on Twitter as @AJdahottest and check out his pictures via Instagram as @AJ_GH.

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