eShun holds free medical screening

by | Jun 5, 2016 | News

Songstress eShun in collaboration with Gold Coast Medical Foundation, a health NGO based in the USA, Radio Central and Amisano Catholic Parish will be embarking on a free medical screening exercise and health talk today, June 2 and tomorrow for residents of Amisano and its environs.



The health talk which will be held at the Amisano Catholic Parish Church will touch on some key areas such as breast cancer, healthy lifestyle habits, safe sex practices, hepatitis B as well as kidney conditions with a focus on diabetes and high blood pressure.



Tomorrow, June 3, there will be a free medical clinic for residents of Amisano and its environs to treat minor illness as well as provide medical advice, medications and first aid administration while the more complicated ailments will be referred to doctors with the DIS Clinic.

eShun and her team will also pay a visit to Ankaful Maximum Prisons to interact with inmates and to provide support and logistics to the newly opened clinic inside the prisons.

In an interview with Showbiz, eShun said, “What is music without a cause? It hasn’t been long since I started doing music commercially but I do not think I should wait till I am all over the world before doing something to help communities around me. I have been doing a campaign generally on living a healthy life style zeroing in on Breast Cancer and encouraging the public to drink more water for a year now.”

“I am very pleased because I can see my dreams of doing something to help improve the health care of my people with this eShun HealthCare Project happening,” she added.

Co-Founder of the Gold Coast Medical Foundation, Dr. Kwabena Boakye said, “The true measure of a good society is not in its exhibition of affluence, but rather how the privilege treats those who are on the social margins,” he said.