Phreak Out Live Episode 4 – King Promise

by | May 14, 2016 | News

Beatphreaks – What inspires you to  write?

King Promise – “I make music for myself, and the world too. I mention myself first because my experiences mostly make up 70% of my lyrics.

The other 30% comes to whatever vibe I’m caught up in at the point in time I hear a beat or the kind of vibe me and people in the studio catch whilst “jamming”.

Another pivotal motivation why I do this is I want to take my country places and help give a chance to whoever is forced to conform to a trend because every artist will get to that point.

I believe we can make the people embrace good music regardless of trends and I would love to be the pioneer who can make Ghanaians love great music not only when it can be danced to, but when the music speaks to your emotions as well regardless the tempo.”

Meet King Promise, the latest artiste to feature in Beat Phreaks #PhreakOutLiveSets series! He has amazing vocal prowess and definitely proved to the audience that you don’t need to make high tempo tunes to get people vibing