Episode has finally replied Vybrant Faya. 

by | May 14, 2016 | News

Shatta Movement Family signed Dancehall artiste Vybrant Faya has been in the news for days now for calling his fellow artiste Episode a ‘Dwarf’ because of his height and stature .

After being on the low for a week the ‘Avatar’ hitmaker Episode has finally come for Vybrant Faya in a lengthy Facebook post which reads

Sorry for the delay in responding to your message my confused long John Silver .It’ll be a “CLASSIVE MISTAKE” on your part if you indeed desire to clash me .. You know , it’s no news if u call me a dwarf cos I think you were just emphasizing on a lyric In my apocalypto song and of course a dwarf like me had to take care of more important things before taking a little time of the leisure to address your puerile statement .I mean more important things like things like flushing down my WC, making sure it’s sparingly clean and few more things that I deem more important than riffraff like your caliber.. I call it a scale of preference and to educate your ignoramus head it’s just the arrangement of wants in order of importance .

I must say that I’m so glad to notice that the truth I spat about your talent really pinched you, oops! Sorry,my bad, I wish I could sound more polite but I’m afraid I have to repeat with emphasis that your are on big noisemaking untalented faggot and I’ll never think twice saying it in your face and I’ll never watch on to have a “konko” head like you disrespecting hardworking acts like Stonebwoy..Hey, don’t you think its about time you start doing things on your own, writing your own songs , and thinking of going back to school.😂…you claim I’m a busy body and did I hear you say I pay to be on shows , well i don’t and won’t begrudge you on that and in fact I laugh to that coz its easy for any frustrated schizophrenia suffering lunatic like you to put out such outlandish statement. I’m still waiting for any event organizer to come out and confirm your claims lol. Pls tell Dubewise to read this to you .

Let me take your ignoramus head through a little education again. This is me Episode ,reggae dancehall artist , nominated in the VGMA’s since 2013 till date , 4syte TV , a proud BASS awards winner , won the most promising African act at AYCA 2015(Nigeria) , and talking about videos the last time I checked avatar won the best reggae dancehall video at 2015 BASS awards .Now , reflect on your entire pathetic life as a musician and match up with that,..I took the fluffy riddim, (mampi riddim) murdered it with Ghetto Anthem and laced it with a world class international video which you are yet to see,how about that ? .. .Yeah, that’s the mark of an underground dwarf, of course to water head lunatic like your your type ..Mr pedigree walloping in flyweight division thinking himself a boss , such a pathetic hallucination from you”

Dancehall artiste Vybrant Faya

Dancehall artiste: Vybrant Faya

Pause, let me ask;do you think Vybrant Faya will hit back with a diss song or will also reply via a post on facebook ? Lets see how it goes.