Another E’mPraise Absolute Worship set for July 3

by | May 6, 2016 | Events

The expectations are already high as organizers of the annual Absolute Worship, a praise and worship concert, announced the date for this year’s event which is scheduled to take place at the Qodesh Lighthouse Chapel International on Sunday, July 3.

For over a decade, the platform has given gospel music lovers the chance to sing and dance along to some of the popular songs from their gospel icons.The event, which is being organised by E’mPraise Incorporated will also give patrons the opportunity to thank God for seeing them through the second quarter of the year.

Speaking on the upcoming event, Eugene Zuta, who is the President of E’mPraise Incorporated said the time has come for gospel musicians to depart from the “show mentality” and proactively weave their songs and ministry to transform lives for Christ.

E’mPraise has one album to its credit also named “Absolute Worship”.

A group of friends founded the E’mPraise Incorporated, a non-denominational group, with the focus of reaching out to meet the needs of young people spiritually, physically and mentally through music.

Members of the group believe Ghana is set for a major divine intervention this July. The team has started preparations in earnest and patrons will have a spirit-filled concert.

With this year being an election year, the organizers chose ‘One God One Nation’ as the official theme for the event to inculcate the spirit of tolerance and peaceful co-existence among Ghanaians.