OPINION: Beauty pageant organizers; need contestants coverup with chevrons?

by | May 3, 2016 | My Opinion

I wish to alert Ghanaian beauty pageant organizers prior to their subsequent production that the wear of beach attires must remain at the beach.

First of all, let me congratulate you and your hardworking team for contributing enormously to the growth and existence of beauty pageants in Ghana and Africa at large.
I should have been physically present to tap your shoulders. You are worth it.

However, I have observed some outfits worn on some beauty pageants for the past two years and gradually; it appear to becoming a norm in the Ghanaian pageant society; The introduction of ‘Beach Wear’ into your contests.

Although in recent times, some pageant organizers endeavor that contestants coverup their bikini outfits with a chevron piece but what difference does it make?

I don’t want to be a hypocrite. We all love things that are sexually explicit, but sometimes it rouse the libido of most male viewers.

Although it is unacceptable in our Ghanaian society, some Ghanaian youth seems to have rather joined the trending train hence, see ‘nothing’ wrong with nakedness and nudity.

Our local beauty pageants are events with purpose but over the years, you have made us understand that they are basically meant to select ‘a beauty with brain’, who will serve as a front liner in tackling a peculiar societal challenge.

But now things have changed. But I ask; should somebody strip half naked to prove her level of intelligence?

I have not yet come across any clause in the Ghanaian constitution that declares nudity and nakedness in the public illegal. But let’s adore and respect culture.

The West loves Bikini, and that’s them. Let’s keep our identity as the Ghanaian woman is equally blessed and already beautiful.

Former beauty queens and parents have expressed their displeasure because beach wear segments are now televised.

The Ghanaian woman now goes half naked on public television during the day when the kids are even home watching.
Already, the issues of display some young girls and women walking in public with ‘hipped’ breasts is very tough in handling, not forgetting the #selfie craze with some of our ladies posing promoting nudity in music videos.

With these kinds of displays, what kind of moral lesson are we teaching the next generation? Should we practice everything trendy in the name of fashion?

It about time we focus on teaching and training these young girls on how to become dynamic and vibrant entrepreneurs and that ‘woman’, who can equally compete with their counterparts within and beyond the shores of the country.

We desire to bring up women who will have a positive impact on the next generation in the fashion sense as ‘your outfit can make you or unmake you’.

This is my problem and the nation’s as such. Partially, everything on earth has a considerable factor hence; I hope something is done about it the earlier, the better.

Picture:Ameyaw Debrah