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Lyrics: Stonebwoy – People Dey

Produced By : BeatsDakay
Recorded Mixed And Mastered By: BeatzDakay & Selasi Music

If a party me a party
Me a dweet well proper
Me No Look Nobody Face
No Papa
Clean and Dapper
Pon Me waist , Lead And Copper
Man A Ragga Muffin Not A Rapper
Check My Settings
Can’t find No IOS
My Ratings
Stronger Than SOS
Gyal A Fly Over For The Same Old Flex
And a That A Make A Next Man Vex

Cuz Me Do Me
Work Work Work Work Work
Clean Up Every Dirt Dirt Dirt Dirt Dirt
I No Chicken I No Jerk Jerk Jerk Jerk Jerk
Just A Do Me Work Work Work Work Work -“People Dey
When the sound bwoy Drop it
whole place shot like Rocket -People Dey
Make the Badman Clap it
Watch the Girl Dem a Twerk it ” – Rpt 2x

The Bass Line Alone
A Take Off People Shoes And Slippers
Make Dem Dance Bare Foot Like Muta Baruka
Bad Man Play
Me Nuh Talk About Soccer Nor Snooker
Rock A Build The Grade Nuh Come Close
With Unu Hooka
Down Inna Jamaica
Dem A Dance The Gully Creeper
Azonto Down Ah Ghana
Coupled Up With Alkaeda
BHiM Nation To The World
Me A The Leader
Me Dust Up Every Road
And Make it Feeder.. VERSE 3
This Is For The Girl Dem
Way Love To Twerk Twerk
This Is For The BadMan Dem
Way A Do The Work
This is For The Girl Way Love To
Twerk Twerk
Buzz A Whine Pon The Riddim Yah Now
This Is For The Girl Dem
Way Love To Twerk Twerk
This Is For The BadMan Dem
Way A Do The Work
Big Up Every Country
Every Gully Side ,
Every Ghetto Every Hood Yah Now!!

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