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Youth Web Ghana today launched and officially opened nominations for the Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016. The organizers of the obliging Biggest Student Festival in Ghana has expand the official categories for this year’s GTA’s 2016, adding new categories like “Most Influential Student Physically Challenged”, Most Influential Student Software Designer”, “Most Influential Foreign Student” and “Most Influential Student Sound Engineer”.

The Chief Executive Officer of Youth Web Ghana, Mr. Richmond Amofa – Sarpong in his address to the Media and students said that aside the theme for this year’s GTA being “Young People and Tertiary Students for a peaceful and credible election 2016 Experience”, the organizations has a mission to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our Education system and to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them Good Values.

Again he added that the target audience for the Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016 is the youth of Ghana in general tho its a Tertiary base initiative and it is going to be organized on the 14TH day of the month of October after All first Years have been enrolled into all our various Tertiary Institutions. This is also considered because in October the youth in the Tertiary Institutions have little or no entertaining but educative environment to both develop and ease the stress of studying the whole year and paramount because of the pending elections in November. Mr. Richmond Amofa – Sarpong said that “It is our hope to have the Ghana Tertiary Awards every year as it has been done for two years now and entering the third year, to provide the Tertiary Institutions the platform to be rewarded on their hard work as students to help change our society and Ghana as a whole. The success of this Awards Ceremony will be the beginning of self-development and encouragement for the students to start helping mother Ghana even before.

The Academy responsible for vetting the students explained in detail the criteria for selection at the launch through their Chairperson Mr. George Nyeme – Tei and below are the details for section: Nominees must be students in our Tertiary Institutions, who have made a difference in their community by providing positive examples for their generation.


The Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016 Selection Committee (Academy) is interested in receiving nominations that focus on the Student’s individual achievements in the areas of education, social action, entertainment and positive change. Candidates should be considered for outstanding contributions to their school, community and/or Ghana for a project that the individual initiated, organized or contributed to significantly. Nominees must be students.


Qualifications for the 2016 Ghana Tertiary Awards entails a Student and African, a significant achievement holder, a change maker and one that demonstrate ethical and socially accepted principles. There is no academic qualification barrier, meaning any student in our Tertiary Institutions is eligible to apply for the Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016. The completion of the nomination form will give us the opportunity to understand the student’s accomplishments, positive demeanor, and community involvement. This will be the core information used in the selection process.

Mr. Evans Abban who is the General Manager of Youth Web Ghana also officially introduced the categories for 2016 Ghana Tertiary Awards and below are the category list:

  Top Most Award (2016 GTA STUDENT OF THE YEAR)
·         School of the Year
·         Most Influential student in Agriculture
·         Most Influential student Software Developer
·         Most Influential student in Engineering
·         Most Influential student Male in Radio Presenting
·         Most Influential student Female in Radio Presenting
·         Most Influential student Male in Television Presenting
·         Most Influential student Female in Television Presenting
·         Most Influential student Blogger/ Writer
·         Most Influential student in Sports
·         Most Influential student in Fashion Designing
·         Most Influential student Female Model
·         Most Influential student Male Model
·         Most Influential student in Health Science
·         Most Influential Physically Challenged Students
·         Most Influential student in Film Making
·         Most Influential student in Music
·         Most Influential student Entrepreneur
·         Most Influential student Hall
·         Most Influential student Event of the Year
·         Most Influential student Poet
·         Most Influential student Sound Engineer
·         Most Influential student Foundation
·         Most Influential student Comedian
·         Most Influential student Event House
·         Most Influential student DJ
·         Most Influential student in Graphic Designing
·         Most Influential SRC President
·         Most Influential student Male MC
·         Most Influential student Female MC
·         Most Influential Tertiary Television Show
·         Most Influential Tertiary Radio Show
·         Most Influential student Beauty Queen
·         Most Influential student Photographer
·         Most Influential Foreign Student
·         Most Influential Student Modeling Agency

The well attended official launch of the Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016 was graced with Poetry recital, Stand Up comedy, speeches from the student of the Year and School of the Year as well as speeches from sponsors. The organizers lastly called on students to download the free Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016 Nomination Forms from or call 0543558381 to get access to the Nomination Forms.