Gospel Musician Harry Fiscian talks about his upcoming album ‘Exceeding Love’ in an interview.

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Events, News

Harry Fiscian, the spirited musician is all set again for the launch of his second but soul- rocking album with the aim of winning and ministering to souls for Christ. The studio album titled ‘Exceeding Love’ which he noted took a whole seven months of hard work, prayer and dedication to complete.

Harry, the Founder of Harry Fiscian Ministries is always full of smiles, charisma and ministers from the heart and with power which he attributes to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It has always been his desire to share with others the love of God.

The album will officially be launched on Sunday, 8th May, 2016 at the ICGC Covenant Temple, Abavana- Kotobabi at 3:00PM prompt. The colorful ceremony is expected to see the presence of Oheneba Clement, Rocky Solomon, Magdalene, family, friends, fans, and a mainstream Gospel artiste, Francis Amo. The general public is however also invited.

Two tracks from the album, ‘Aseda’ and ‘Oguamaa’ are projected by the gospel music review communities to carry the flagship roles of the album. Other tracks great tracks include;Great and Mighty, Me Nhunu bi da, Mawu Ga, Wetembegile, Reign Jesus reign, Nea M3y3, That’s who you are, Obregado.

The seasoned singer in an exclusive interview with Frederick Noamesi, also opened up on the entire make up the ‘Exceeding Love’ album – from composition, studio sessions, finances, challenges and the fulfillment. He also noted that copies of the CDs would be available to the general public right after the launched.

Harry Fiscian

Sit back the enjoy the exclusive interview below

Tell us about the ‘Exceeding love’.

The ‘Exceeding Love’ album talks about God’s love for us. In the book of Ezekiel 16, it talks about God finding us when we were a clot of blood with no hope and he took us up, washed us with salt and gave clothed us in glory and even that, we still went back to ‘prostitution’. But God never gave up on us. So God’s love never gives up on us even when we have wronged him.

What is inspired the album?

I am inspired by the spirit of the Lord. His word is full of his wisdom, mercies and his love. So this gives me lots of inspiration

How long did it take you to put the entire album together?

Almost a year, Like 7 months if am right

Did you face any pre and post production challenges?

Yes we faced some serious production challenges but the ones I can vividly remember was a serious virus infection that damaged some of the files so we were forced to format the computer. You can’t take away the power crisis ‘Dumsor’. It was on and off but at the end of it we are here and good to go.

Who financed the project?


My team – Harry Fiscian Ministries and my producer David Frimpong were very instrumental but I basically financed the entire production.

How different is the album from your previous ones?

I won’t say this is so different from my previous two albums in terms of styles, concept and message. It is an absolute improvement and I know the music community will surely love it. It has 10 songs on it and recorded live

What’s the date and place of release??

Date: Sunday, 8th May 2016

Venue: ICGC Covenant Temple

Time: 3pm


Which people are expected to grace the program?

We are going to have a lot of ‘wow’ moments with great and outstanding performances from Francis Amo,Oheneba Clement, Rocky Solomon, Magdalene, All-night family and lots more.

Which people are working towards the successful publicity and marketing of the album?

Harry Fiscian Ministries with support from you and my friend Jonilar handling the public relations.

Your final words to music lovers and fans out there.

God’s love exceeds any other and that’s why he is coming back soon for those who love and worship him truthfully in spirit. Whatever you do in the house of the Lord, do it well and unto God alone.

Thanks you for your time, Mr. Harry Fiscian.