International Curator, Sarah Güsten-Marr sponsors Ehalakasa Group for Cultural Crossing initiative.

by | Feb 24, 2016 | News

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After several months of discussions, Sir Black (Kojo Yibor) founder of Ehalakasa Ghana and Liberian born international curator and philanthropist, Sarah Güsten-Marr (also founder of GalleryGM, Yorkshire England) have once again joined forces and created a new initiative called “Cultural Crossings”.

Cultural Crossings has been carefully put together by two artists who passionately believe the importance of cultural understanding. Sir Black and Güsten-Marr regularly travel internationally and are adamant that travelling feeds the soul.

Cultural Crossings will yearly provide the opportunity for chosen Liberian or Ghanaian artists to explore other African cultures in other countries. Sarah Güsten-Marr already runs her own international artist in resident program in England.

Paul Fordjour, a spoken-word artist who came as the winner of the Ehalakasa ‘Slam’ contest had this to say: (1) Cultural Crossings – Traveling means finding education and knowledge and my plan is to network the African talents/minds. We have to create cultural crossings – one artist should take up the cultural crossings project to other countries for 10 years. As an artist who believes in my example, I value it so much putting my own funds and resources into empowering people.

Sarah Güsten-Marr says, “I have a land in Kokrobite where my next investment is to engage the school children at a foster facility there to engage in farming and hygiene (where they would go out occasionally to clean the community) – a good way to help ourselves improve our health and agriculture and as well teach the younger generation how to live for themselves and not to grow up depending on others. I have pledged to support from the start with Ghc 500 to Ghc 1,000 every 8 weeks. BBC London is also supporting me and I gather lots of clothes within Ghana, Nigeria, and other parts of the world to bring to foster kids. I was raised an orphan too so it is very dear to my heart to care for these people. I am looking forward to building an exchange team in various countries to share ideas.”

“One of my major motivating factors was Rocky Dawuni. He has been a very great inspiration for me and congrats to him on The Grammys – his nomination alone means a great win and we are proud of him. I’m honoured to have his wife/Manager here with us who passionately supports the dream as well as Rocky Dawuni does,” Sarah added.

Hon. Dzifa Gomashie who was present at the occasion says, her outfit is poised to support the ‘Cultural Crossings’ initiative. She added that “the Ghana culture forum group would get some form of funding to support the Ehalakasa group and the Cultural Crossings initiative.”

Present at the occasion were notable figures like Daddy Bosco, celebrated actor Omanza Shaw (of ’Deadly Voyage’ and ‘Ultimate Paradise’ fame), Chief Wumbe of Bubonayili (Rocky Dawuni’s elder brother), Cary Sullivan (Rocky Dawuni’s Manager) and others.

The event was held at the Best Western Premier Hotel in Accra on Saturday, February 20, 2016.

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Story: Elorm Beenie