Supreme Rights announces the release of S.H.O.U.T. and Belubie by Xtacy.

by | Jan 9, 2016 | News

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Supreme Rights announces the release of S.H.O.U.T. and Belubie by Xtacy

The double release comes on the heels of Xtacy’s Woman, released back in August 2015. The songs will be available for free streaming on SoundCloud and paid downloads via the iTunes store.

S.H.O.U.T., short for Something Happens Over Under utilizing Time is a laid back song with haunting keys that evokes a sense of loss, regret and denial. Xtacy cries the sorrows of time lost growing apart and reminisces on the good times. “I’m sorry for the hurt I put you through, I’m sorry for the joy I made you lose” he sings, his gentle voice and affectionate lyrics pleading with both himself and his partner to admit and grow past their mistakes and come to terms with the fact that, the beauty of relationships is easily lost by repeated fighting and miscommunication.

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Belubie is an up tempo highlife song and the name of a childhood sweetheart who now glows under a different spotlight. In the song, Xtacy expresses his admiration for the transformation and notes the wonderful traits he failed to notice before and has come to love. On the meaning of the groovy and seemingly provocative Saaf produced tune, Xtacy explains, “the chorus may be misconstrued as explicit when it truly means Belubie’s remarkable transformation has resurrected a desire in me to be a better person”. Uncharacteristic of his other songs, Xtacy explains that, “I can’t be classified as a highlife musician because I do not limit myself to one genre of music. This song just exhibits my versatility”.

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Xtacy has started working towards a mixtape scheduled for release in 2017. For now however, he plans to fill up his repertoire with singles and videos until his cake is baked to perfection. Check out ‘Woman‘ and ‘Mafe wo‘ by Xtacy