Kwesi Dav of Gallaxy fame to start a full time tv program soon

by | Dec 9, 2015 | News

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Kwesi Dav

Ghanaian music group Gallaxy has over the years showcased their prowess when it comes to music by consistently releasing commercial hit songs. But there are other hidden talents of theirs that you may not know of and it is about time they showed the world how versatile they are on the other side related to the arts.

After reading news on the Topsy Turvy edition of ‘Adom Kase3’ on Adom TV on National Farmers day last week, the vocalist has since expressed interest in going into full time TV broadcasting besides music.

According to Kwesi Dav who is also the lead singer of the group, he has always wished to be a radio presenter and a television host but don’t know how to start with it and feels co-hosting a prime time program  with Bra Chiky on a holiday is a clear indication he can start.

Even though he is not sure of when to start, he added he will consult his other half and management about the decision before approaching any station for employment in the days to come.

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