Jpinga,Kosi Bone,Phame and others climax this year’s Ramadan with Muslims in Sogakope.

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Events

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Over the weekend, Mobile and Mixtape disc jockey, Dj Black Boi together with Showbiz GH and Sela Radio staged a street carnival at the forecourt of Uni-Petrol in Sogakope to climax the month long fasting and prayer by Muslim brothers and sisters living the area.
The show which lasted for less than four hours,started at exactly 8pm that Saturday and  witnessed a great performances by a good number  fast rising stars including the likes of Reggae and Dancehall Artiste JpingaKosi Bone,Tukada,Shaggy Mensa and ‘Greenlite’ hit makers Phame.
Sogakope’s home grown talents mostly from the ‘zongo community’ were given the platform to exhibit their talents serving as a curtain raiser.
The show  ‘Sogakope Sallafest’ according to Dj Black Boi was planned in less than a week, but effectively  publicized and promoted by the all new ‘Sela Radio’ and Showbiz GH causing over two thousand music lovers attending the carnival. He also added there is a major concert in the pipeline and will be communicated to the public  in the fullness of time.
Commenting on their impressions after their performances Jphinga and Kosi Bone expressed their satisfaction about the show and also applauded the organizers for putting up a good show in less than a week. Budding music group Phame who couldn’t hide their excitement added ‘We will be back again’. 
However Hecta who was initially billed to rock but couldn’t turn out sent a message prompting his fans he will surely come through some other time.
Here are some exclusive pictures from the event.

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Kosi Bone
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