Up and running: Meet Jamaican Dancehall,Reggae Singer-songwriter M-GEE

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M-Gee is a dancehall, reggae singer-songwriter who was born as Garfield Stewart.  He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where he attended Trench Town High School.  He spent his earlier years singing at the church he attended with his mother.  His gift was recognized during this time as he was motivated by the church and the other members of his community to focus on a musical career.  With the positive encouragement, he decided to develop upon his talent to pursue a singing career.  He built a sound reputation for his musical adventure by singing at many local events throughout Eastern Jamaica. 

Due to unforeseen opportunities, M-Gee migrated to the United States of America residing in the Philadelphia, PA area.  With more available resources, M-Gee decided to make another attempt to further his singing career.  In December 2011, he released “Never Come See”, which became an immediate hit on the airwaves and in the dancehall scenes throughout the United States, England, Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. 
In January 2012, M-Gee released “No Tail”, which labeled him as a controversial artist due to the concept.  The official video for the single was released in April 2012 premiering on the most viewed reggae networks in the Caribbean and in the United States.  M-Gee’s work has been notably recognized by the Jamaica Star and The Observer where he was headlined as the featured entertainer. 
While M-Gee songs are well received on the dancehall scenes in several countries, the versatility of his talent is captured in the quality and the choice of the songs that he has written.  “Life is not a Joke” is a cultural type of song which is based on the concept of encouraging others to maintain a positive outlook in life.  The fans are gravitating to the lyrics of his music as they are often able to relate to the words as written by M-Gee.  His lyrics are often captured by his observation and life experiences. 
M-Gee is known for his rich, powerful and clear voice, which has attracted the interest of many listeners.  His fan base is rapidly expanding as he is the hottest sensation on the scene.  His preppy fashion style – which complements his musical swag – stands out as loud as his songs.  M-Gee is raising eyebrows with his stellar voice and his reality breaking songs. 
M-Gee’s official in-person introduction to Jamaica was in December 2012 when he performed at Sting, the number one reggae concert in Jamaica.  He left his foot print on the island with the performance of his “Cheap and Clean” and “Back Pocket Hail” which sparked an overwhelming response from the audience as they anxiously waited to put a face to the name. 
Throughout 2013 “Cheap and Clean” and “Back Pocket Hail” paved the way for M-Gee’s career.  The songs were in constant rotation amongst the top radio stations, which landing M-Gee several interviews and stage shows.  M-Gee capitvated the music scene with both songs and received a warm welcome from his fans.
The wide spread popularity and positive response to his music led him to work with JA Productions on the Afterlife Riddim with “Di Gal Dem” which was released in June 2013.  M-Gee’s versatility was captured in this song as the music was delivered in more of a hardcore format in comparison to his other recordings.  He later recorded “Di Wine” on the Rewire Riddim which received great response especially in the dancehall.  
In December 2013, he worked along with GS Music Entertainment label in the release of “Eva Clean.”
Throughout 2014, he continued to released several singles; “Too Much Apology,” “She-Male,” “No Permission,” and “Badda Than Nuh Man.”
His latest release – “Life too Sweet” with Gully Bop – was released in January 2015 and is sweeping the fans off their feet.  The official video has received loads of views on social media and is being aired on the major networks in the Caribbean.  M-Gee will continue to concentrate his effort on delivering empowering songs and collaborating with other motivated artists.
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