Press Release: Black Box by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe.

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Events, News

“Aren’t we all Blemazadonians?” Efo Kodjo Mawugbe, Blemazado, 2008
BLACK BOX written by Efo Kodjo, scripted (scenography) by Arthur Lestrange with Shaji Karyat will feature on the stage of Alliance Francaise Accra on Tuesday 21stApril, 2015 at 7:30 pm for a journey through the theatrics of life.

Four years after his untimely passing, Efo Kodjo Mawugbe; playwright extraordinaire, dramatist, and performer leads an awakening of one of his non-exhaustive repertoire of plays all the way from Blemazado.  Efo Kodjo who is widely known and appreciated for his contribution to education and development of arts in Ghana and hailed more recently for his play, In the chest of a Woman has another of his works seeing the light of day even after his sojourn to Tsiefe. 

In the play, Shaji Karyat performs as Papa Ayivi. In this newly devised piece, Papa Ayivi, who bears the name of the king’s linguist and storyteller in Cinderama, is a hybrid of Bob (Sister), Bodza (The G-Yard People) and Kokosakyi (Blemazado). A fifty-year-old playwright, ICT expert, linguist and lunatic, Papa Ayivi rummages through the rubbish in a harrowing and hilarious attempt to scratch out an existence and build some form of shelter for his people and himself.

The question in all its acuteness is as follows. “How can a human being find clothes and shelter in a poisoned and mutant world, how can one continue to live, to work, to create, for oneself and for others? Papa Ayivi, reject among rejects, is still standing, most of the time. His presence and his harrowing-hilarious actions in the versatile and dubious world where he lives reveal a maternal man who refuses to give up fighting. His delirious alienation will lead him perhaps not to save his entire people but at least to attempt to save a single being. But is there still time?”
This play is designed to shock, create a chain thought, provoke discourse, enlighten and above all,
 explore the human condition.10% of ticket sales will be given to the Efo Kojo Mawugbe Foundation. 
The play is supported by Institut Francais Ghana