Brand new music:Delasi -Why

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Music


On his latest release the Ghanaian born, Nairobi resident artist, Delasi, teams up with Japanese producer Junknuts. ‘Why’ is a question we all ask on a regular basis- in this song Delasi puts the question to the world. A world that he sees in turmoil.
The ‘Conscious Crooner’ also known as the ‘Soulgod’ has a lot on his mind and while he does not expect answers anytime soon, he asks us – and he shares his message that we should all have hope- despite the turmoil.
The song is looking at the world today, and Africa in it. The latest plague to hit the continent is Ebola, This has not escaped Delasi and in the line ‘biological weapons in the air in our food identical’ he refers to exactly this pandemic. He then continues to ask questions to the world about the human thirst for blood – what is this ‘Infatuation with murder’ ? While he doesn’t wait for the answer he does encourage that we instead  ‘spread love lets live in harmony’.
Delasi is currently working hard to finish his first album ‘thought Journey’ and if you are lucky it just might be under the tree for you this Christmas.
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