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Justice Kloutse

We can sell Ghana through our music videos – Justice Kloutse

“The perception of the western world about Ghana and Africa at large was totally different and negative until some of them started visiting the continent for reality checks.We can sell Ghana through our music videos”.These are the words of Ghanaian  music video director Justice Kloutse of HDMedia Ghana.

He stated categorically during an interview with Showbiz GH that,we are killing our own image as a country  with the kind of negativity we do exhibit in our music videos.

He added that music videos are not all about nudity,filty areas,idols and too much visual effects.”We have a wonderful natural environment and physical features that we can make good use of  in our videos than always projecting what he describes as inappropriate .

Justice Kloutse urge all video directors to take their time and plan a better production to get a better result.

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