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Elorm Beenie talks maiden authored novel, ‘Love Myelitis’; challenges & publishing

Elorm Beenie talks maiden authored novel, ‘Love Myelitis’; challenges & publishing
Ghanaian Author and Publicist, Elorm Beenie has released his maiden self-published 332-paged non-fiction love novel titled, ‘Love Myelitis’ which is selling in both hard copies (paper-back quality) and soft copies (Ebook) in international bookstores.
The book published by Partridge Africa, in the USA, seeks to stem the tide of the increasing frustrations among the youths of today and forestall any mishap that might crop up from their actions.
According to the author, “my book is currently being marketed by my publishing company, Partridge Africa worldwide and it would be available in about 50 bookstores of international repute.”
“As at now, ‘Love Myelitis’ has been listed in 34 international bookstores 3 weeks after release and it will be available in 130 international bookstores by the end of March 2015,” he added.
On how to get copies of the ‘Ghana version of Harlequin novels’ to read; Elorm Beenie indicated that all interested person would have to log on to and key in the book title, ‘Love Myelitis’ to see the stores selling it and buy from the shops closer to them.
“21 shops online are selling it. The book can also be found on KoboBooks, Scribed, BogPriser (Denmark) and others,” he said.
Outlining some of the challenges he encountered since it is his first book published; he said, “the major difficulty I encountered when I finally decided to publish my book was the lack of ‘modernized’ or well-structured book selling hubs here in Ghana that would market the books from here to the international market.”
“And if I had gone the local way, I would really have stressed myself to market my book as our book shops don’t even believe in what we write about but rather are interested marketing foreign books and things that don’t relate to us and would be quick to say we don’t have quality content to stock their shelves.
Another problem was the huge budget I would have to spend to print my books here in Ghana as the amount I used to publish my book outside Ghana (and even have a bigger market, internationally), I would have to spend about 3 or 4 times that budget to publish here in Ghana,” he lamented.
The ‘Love Myelitis’ author indicated that he is inspired by two things; “Everything and nothing” explaining, “Everything inspires me, and nothing inspires me but to categorically state my source of inspiration, I would say it is God, My Mum & Myself.” 
Acknowledgements; the Ghanaian author noted that indeed a tall list of people helped him produce his first book, “can I please mention a few whose names are can aptly remember?
Big thanks to my mum, Vivian Ekuonyo Selase, who has been my biggest motivator on this project; my proof-readers, Peggy Donkor of GTV; Chris Worla Essikpe; Courage Kofi Agboado; and also to Senyo Norbert Ocloo, Goka Nicholas, Aaron Buatsi, Agbesi Mawuli, Gertrude Afealetey, Michael Owusu Yeboah, Natalie Emefa Heymann, EpisodeGH, Senyo Bernard Nyendu, and everyone who directly and indirectly helped me to publish this book.”
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By: Ama Larbie