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Music technology better known as “Music Tech” 0n is a dedicated category that teaches best ways to explore innovative ways to promote and marketing music in the digital space. The category throws more light on Music streaming, fan-base management, branding, new updates and technologies making music proficient.

How to Get Verified – Spotify for Artistes

Being a verified artist on Spotify means a lot more than just getting a little blue check by your name. As an artist, Spotify verification opens the door to additional features and profile control. Read on to learn about how to get verified on Spotify after distributing music through a service like Digishare Africa, …

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Difference between A Hit song and A Classic – Here we go

Most of us don’t know when it’s a hit or it’s a classic or even when it’s viral but I’m sure when you are done reading this article, you would have learned the differences. Hit song is a recorded song or instrumental that becomes broadly popular or well-known. Although hit song means any widely …

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How to Get Verified on Audiomack: A Step-by-Step Guide

When applying for verification, thresholds for eligibility, as displayed on the creator dashboard are half the story. Having 500,000 plays and 1,000 followers makes you eligible for consideration, but verification is still not guaranteed. Users caught buying plays or followers will automatically be banned from the process. [Also: Listen to …

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How do we monetize our AudioMack account?

Get paid for your streams. The Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP) allows creators to generate revenue through Audiomack and invest back into their careers. Engage more fans by using and monetizing through Audiomack, which services millions of discovery-focused listeners and tastemakers every day. Who can get paid? Authenticated creators in the United States, …

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Photoshoot Ideas For Artistes And Bands

A good picture is such an important element, yet it’s frequently given such little thought by the artistes that it’s almost a waste of time and money. It’s for that reason that I thought these five tips to photo shoots might help. 1. Know what you need beforehand Any real photo …

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