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Top 20 Tv Radio Interview Tips

When you are promoting a show or a tour or an album you may get the chance to be on TV or the Radio. I’ve been on TV Radio Interviews many times and got media training that really helped. Here are my top 20 TV Radio Interview tips that you can use to get …

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How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists

That’s the hot question in the mind of just about every independent musician on the planet. There are plenty of inspiring stories of musicians who got one song on a crazy-popular playlist and can now pay all their bills with their Spotify checks. It can definitely be the best way …

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Yve Digital holds First Music And Money Workshop in Kumasi

Digital release and marketing of music has gradually taken over the music industry worldwide and artists in Ghana are holding this opportunity at heart. Yve Digital is a distribution and online marketing company known for Music Monetization and social media promotions. Monday, 5th August 2019 seems be a day which …

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7 Simple Tips to Help You Promote Your Music on Twitter

If you want to promote your music on Twitter, there’s enough good data out there to inform your social media promotion efforts and help you maximize the effectiveness of each and every tweet. First, schedule your tweets at peak hours to get them in front of the most eyes. Second, you want …

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8 Music Licensing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re keeping your music to yourself, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The best way to learn how to license your music (and get the good, high-paying placements) is to get yourself out there, submit your music, and learn the market and your place in it. If licensing is …

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How does YouTube’s Content ID system work?

Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system developed by Google which is used to easily identify and manage copyrighted content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared against audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any matches. Content owners have the choice to have matching content taken down or …

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US-Based Streaming Music Revenues Slated to Reach $8.4 Billion This Year

U.S. music streaming revenues are slated to jump another 33% in 2019 at least according to this report. Despite signs of a streaming slowdown, total revenues are still increasing dramatically.  According to the Consumer Technology Association’s U.S. Consumer Technology Sales and Forecasts, the forecast for 2019 remains green-n-sunny, with continued growth ahead. …

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