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Improve potential tourist sites in Upper West Akim

In the past four years, the tourism ministry has failed in identifying and improving potential tourist centres across the country. The ministry is seen as a strategic pillar in transforming the economy of the country and must not lose focus on its core mission.

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Upper West Akim District has potential tourist attraction sites that could be championed to attract both domestic and foreign tourists for the development of the District. These are;

1. Okurase Wood Carving Village where there are different carving of wood artefacts.

2. The Two in One Coconut Tree at Nyanoah

3. The mysterious Palm Tree (The Snake like-Palm Tree) at SukrongCannan

4. KwakuYirebi/Odeng Cave (A funnel-shaped cave on a hill) at Sukrong-Awenfi.

The above are 4 powerful and potential tourist sites that can serve as a source of employment for the people living around these communities as well as generate revenue for the district and government as a whole. In our quest in advocating for an improvement in these sites, the leader(s) in the constituency must begin to lobby the appropriate authorities in regards to our aim in coming into fruition.

The Ghana Tourism Development Project as launched in 2019 was focused on 4 main components.

1. Strengthening Tourism Enabling Environment.

2. Developing Tourism Sites and Destinations

3. Tourism Enterprise Support.

4. Project Management

This simply means, enough has not been done in some parts of the country; precisely, Upper West Akim.

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The tourism ministry or government must act fast by communicating with the leaders of Upper West Akim to develop these potential tourist sites. The ministry must take vigorous steps in ensuring a successful delivery of service regardless of the impact of Covid since there is a support system to put the ministry back on track.

Our interest is to see Upper West Akim great. We deserve this and More.

By: By Samuel Bossman

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